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Course Categories

  • Contracts, Legal & Procurement
  • Mining, Energy& Natural Resources
  • General Engineering& Maintenance
  • Infrastructure & Transport
  • Leadership, Management & Communication 
  • Business Skills & Commercial Acumen 
  • Banking & Finance
  • Government Policy, Education & Healthcare
  • OHS, Human Factors &HR



Preference Management Business Consultants would like to give companies an opportunity to both inform and commercially access potential customers through various sponsorship packages which are offered during our workshops and conferences. Sponsorship integrates all different facets of marketing, promotion and public relations and, if carefully selected and managed properly, gives companies chance to reach its target audience in a cost effective way. In every event, sponsors are looking to achieve the wide possible exposure through all channels. This type of mass media that events can achieve, increases visibility of the sponsor’s product and services and is usually considered priceless and affordable if the sponsors were to purchase it.